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David Martin Design & Kyle Buchanan - Online Meeting

New Internship Opportunity for IU O’Neill School Student, Kyle Buchanan

New Internship Opportunity for IU O’Neill School Student, Kyle Buchanan


We are happy to announce that IU O’Neill School Student Intern, Kyle Buchanan, has joined David Martin Design. Kyle is working closely with David Martin, owner of David Martin Design, on a variety of client projects & learning about website design, web hosting, content marketing, competitive research, & SEO (search engine optimization).

Despite not specializing in the information technology field, Kyle believes he will be able to problem-solve when it comes to content and ideas he doesn’t fully understand.

Look at that handsome fella!

“For me, every job is all about problem-solving, even if you know exactly what you’re doing. The very way I came into this position was by thinking of solutions to issues I was facing. I wanted to find an internship here in Bloomington, but I was growing more and more tired of the traditional application process.”

“You either hear nothing back or you get your hopes up going through additional interviews only for the job to pick the other candidate. I thought to myself about solutions and one day I just sat down and started researching local businesses here in Bloomington, ironically using BloomingtonOnline.com that I now help manage, and came across David Martin Design. 

Looking at my relevant skills when it comes to website design, I have to say that I don’t have a lot coming into this. I am a technology savvy person though so I have a basis of knowledge in what we work with, because of this relationship or lack thereof with the basics of some key aspects of David’s job, I often find myself having to put my problem-solving skills to work again and again as I find myself in new and often challenging positions. I am happy to say that in the short time I have had the chance to work with David so far I have learned so much with regards to not only technology or Google but to aspects like professional project management.”

For the past three years, Kyle has been attending IU Bloomington as a Financial Management major, and he is currently in the process of applying to law schools for next fall. We look forward to seeing great things from him!