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David Martin Design is a web development agency specializing in web design, web hosting, & digital marketing.

Since 2004, David has received excellent reviews when working with countless business professionals, entrepreneurs, and individuals to help them use technology, websites, and digital marketing tools to make their lives better. He loves being able to help people use technology to make their lives easier.

  • 2022 Member of the Greater Bloomington Chamber of Commerce
  • David Martin & Lindsey Martin camping at the Deam Wilderness, near Lake Monroe, Indiana.
  • David Martin with his first computer, an Apple III in 1988

David Martin is a Level 7 Google Maps Local Guide with over 6,644,491 views of his photographs. He enjoys making this a part of his travels and sharing with others to tell visual stories & spark conversations. He loves to reward great service and delectable foods created by inspired chefs, and he appreciates the beauty in this world.