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Domain Name Registration

Choosing a relevant domain name is absolutely essential to the success of your marketing efforts.

Sometimes, you’ve thought of the best idea, and then you go to check and the best domain name has already been taken! Maybe your domain name should include keywords or maybe just the name of the business? Have you heard that a shorter domain is better but you aren’t sure how short is too short?

David Martin Design will work with you to brainstorm potential ideas, research different names, find the best option available, and secure that domain.

How to choose a good domain name

The most obvious choice of a domain name would be one that reflects the name of your business. In some cases, however, the website domain name that you would like to purchase may already be registered. If this is the case, it is important to check the “WhoIs” information (I use www.domaintools.com to do this) to find out when the domain name will expire, who owns it, and then you may be able to make an offer to purchase the domain directly from the individual that owns it. In a lot of cases, it simply won’t make financial sense to buy a domain name from someone who owns it already, and therefore you must choose another name.

It is a good idea to choose a domain name that matches the name of your company. It’s an added bonus if you’re domain name includes relevant keywords that potential leads use when searching online. This will help boost your site’s ranking.

There are a lot of other considerations in choosing a good domain name for your website. Should you buy a long, short, or hyphenated domain name? Which is best, a .com, .net, .org? Check out this helpful guide from FirstSiteGuide that goes over choosing a domain name in more detail.

Do you have a question about domain names?

After choosing a good domain name, you will also need to find a good service for website hosting.