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Grammarly Is Like Orthodontics For Your Writing


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Slowly, I believe that Grammarly is changing my writing behavior and improving my writing style. It provides great statistics and gives you information on what are the most often mistakes that you make. As I find myself writing more emails, web content, and social media posts, it’s important to me to make them grammatically correct.

I wrote that entire first paragraph without any sort of green or red lines underlining my work! That’s an accomplishment in my book.

I believe that Grammarly is a fantastic data tool that analyzes your writing and makes helpful AI-driven suggestions to help you make better writing choices. Over time it will help me align my writing more with what I am thinking and help me convey messages in a much clearer language for readers.

Try out the Grammarly apps on your operating system of choice
(MacOS, iPad, Chrome, Your Phone, or Microsoft Word).

Grammarly is an American-based technology company that offers a digital writing assistance tool based on artificial intelligence and natural language processing. The software was first released in July 2009 in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Let me know what you think of Grammarly and please share some of your writing.

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