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On October 1st, 2019, I started a new service with a wireless phone company, I’m really happy with the decision to switch and here are my thoughts after nearly 5 months of using the service.

I think it’s important to consider that Bloomington, Indiana (and specifically the west side of town) has very limited options when it comes to high-quality cell phone coverage. In my local neighborhood, the best signal seems to be Verizon.

After being on my parent’s shared 10GB plan, which included unlimited talk and text, I got tired of being nickel and dimed by going over our data by only just a small amount. Verizon would charge $15 per gigabyte when I’d go over and I just got tired of having to limit my use of the internet. I decided to look into other options and came across Visible. It was super easy to sign up.

To sign up for the service you simply download the Visible app. When you download the app you put in your device IMEI number and it will tell you if your phone is compatible with the Visible network. Visible is a mobile virtual network operator and they offer customer service through their company but your phone will use Verizon’s cell phone towers.

After qualifying my Google Pixel 2 XL phone as a bring your own device I was able to complete the request for activation. There are many popular phones that will work with the visible service, check their app and website to make sure. If you cannot bring your own device they offer other great options as well. I actually lucked out because they ended up replacing my Pixel XL 2 with a Pixel 3a XL at no cost because Google updated Android and it changed how the phone worked on the Visible service. As a courtesy, they shipped out a new phone to me while they worked out the issues. How awesome is that!?

Visible sent me a SIM card in the mail the very next day. Things went fairly smoothly although I did have to use the app to talk to their customer service. It was actually a great experience being able to get somebody on the app right away and not having to navigate a phone tree. They got my new SIM card activated right away and I reset my device. I was so happy to be free of my parent’s shared data plan and could now use my phone again for unlimited internet access.

With unlimited internet access, I can now stream audio, video, and update my apps everywhere I go! As soon as I was on unlimited data, I made sure to turn off all of my settings that limited app updates over cellular. No more waiting until I got home to upload my photos and videos! It was actually quite nostalgic to have unlimited internet again. I remember getting an iPad with unlimited cellular data when they were first introduced. Do you remember when you were able to use the internet without having to worry about a data cap?

In addition to not having a data cap, I think it’s really important to acknowledge that I can now turn my phone into a wireless hotspot. I used this feature right away when I was working with one of my web design clients. It turned out we had very limited internet connectivity in his warehouse and when I activated the wireless hotspot on my phone we were both able to share the connection and have a consistent reliable speed because of the network access. We had a much more productive meeting and that in and of itself provided great value.

To sweeten the deal visible offered a promotion of a $100 prepaid Visa gift card for signing up and bringing your own device. If you ended up getting a phone through them then they would send you $200. You had to keep your service active for 2 months and then they send the gift card. I received mine and it was much appreciated.

After using the service for over 5 months I would definitely recommend it. In fact, several of my friends and family members have already switched over. I am not sure how long these offers and promotions will last but I think that visible is a great solution at the moment. These things change in a very short time as more companies will catch up.

Visible is an innovative, low-cost solution for mobile phone service. With their $40/month unlimited plan, you can limit your monthly cost and get great service. I’d definitely recommend it!

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