David Martin Design has experience shooting photos and video in a variety of fields and settings. Whether you’re a local real estate company wanting to put your property in the best light, a small business looking to highlight a new product, or a couple hoping to capture this beautiful moment in your lives, we can bring your vision to life with excellent photography.

David Martin Design offers affordable photography services in Bloomington, Indiana & the surrounding Monroe County & the southern Indiana area. He’ll also shoot photos in Hawaii, the Caribbean, and other beautiful destinations for the right price. đŸ™‚

David has achieved a Level 7 as a Google Maps Local Guide with over 4,666,965 views of his photographs. He enjoys making this a part of his travels and sharing with others to tell visual stories & spark conversations. He loves to reward great service, delectable foods created by inspired chefs, and he appreciates the beauty in this world.

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Corporate Photography

Business portraits & business lifestyle photography for your corporation and industry. Do you need professional photos? We can come to your location & shoot products, interiors, headshots, video, & showcase your business.

Bounds Flooring in Bloomington, Indiana

Cornwell Communications in Bloomington, Indiana

Events & Parties

Family & Groups

The Nahas Family in Bloomington, Indiana

The White Family in Denver, Colorado

A trip to visit the White family in Denver, Colorado. We visited Kayla, Joseph, & Devon.

Headshots & Portraits


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