David Martin Design believes that “word of mouth” is definitely the best form of advertising. In addition to hearing what others have to say about us, today we also have “digital word of mouth”. Let’s take a look at what Google, Facebook, & others think:

Google Reviews

    5 star review  David Martin is quick and skilled to pull out any tool for you and honor any wish you have with developing a website that make people stand out between many others in the same brand. Any wish I had or change I wanted was updated 5 minutes later. He is very helpful and gives you several options to choose from that fits your brand or website the best.

    thumb Chiel Meijering

    5 star review  Dave was beyond helpful!! He has a great way of explaining things and is very insightful as to how to maximize my site's functionality and visibility - Highly recommended.

    thumb The Wizardcast

    5 star review  David knows how to optimize your digital online presence. Saturated in current trends, technology, and designs he understands how to help you reach potential clients and streamlines the development of well designed websites. As a designer myself, working with my own clients, I consistently get positive feedback on my recommendation of David. Everyone needs a beautiful, fast loading effective website and David consistently makes it happen. Thank you David.

    thumb Patrick Siney

    5 star review  David Martin Design is highly recommended for their knowledge and skill in website design and hosting services.

    thumb Rod Armes

    5 star review  I have worked with David for a few years and have used him from time to time to get my website or emails cleaned up and working properly. I am always truly amazed at his expertise and efficiency. Over the years I have not posed any problem that he has not been able to solve within a very short period of time. I would recommend David to anyone without hesitation.

    thumb Bruce Norton

    5 star review  Dave of David Martin Design built and designed our website. He is always available for help or questions and is very professional. Built By You would highly recommend David Martin Design for your new website and graphic designing needs!

    thumb Built by YOU

    5 star review  David helped us quickly fix our homemade website after it was hacked. He quickly got the site back up and running and made recommendations to avoid future unauthorized access in the future. He is very knowledgeable and very easy to work with.

    thumb Karen Huss

    5 star review  David is great to work with. He is very knowledgeable in what he does and works closely with you to understand the needs of your business. Would highly recommend!

    thumb Courtenay Smith

    5 star review  David is the best. Not only does he know his stuff better than anyone I know, but he also knows that I don't know my stuff. For me, the back end of my website is like a haunted house with trap doors, dark corridors, and trouble lurking behind every corner. David patiently leads me through the secret places of my site and sheds light on how everything works.

    thumb The Ryder Magazine & Film Series

    5 star review  We contacted David to review our website and offer any suggestions that might enhance what we are already doing. David responded quickly and professionally allowing us to meet and get started almost immediately. David had already reviewed our site prior to our first phone conversation and had some wonderful suggestions for improving our site to maximize both user experience and create more visibility for our site. David worked quickly, explained every change and was a true pleasure to work with. Davids pricing is completely fair and his work was perfect. I wholeheartedly recommend David as a trusted partner for your website needs.

    thumb Jeff Norris

Facebook Reviews

    positive review  Dave was absolutely fantastic with helping me and the business I work for. 10/10.

    thumb Cassidi Griffin

    positive review  David Martin has helped me create a website which I am thrilled about. Being a person over 65, I am not very tech savvy ! But he is always very patient and very clear and always calm. I recommend him very highly !!!

    thumb Henry Leck

    positive review  We are very happy with the level of service and expertise we receive from David Martin Design. Dave is extremely prompt in responding to any questions we have and always provides helpful solutions and suggestions. He is professional, timely, and CREATIVE. We highly recommend him for all your web design needs. Thanks Dave and keep up the great work!

    thumb Mary McGuire

    positive review  David knows quite a bit technically with regard to the digital universe. He is skilled with website design, on-going maintenance, and has an up-to-date awareness of resources to grow presence. One of his finest assets is his ability to teach and reassure clients. This is essential for those of us for whom navigating the world wide web can sometimes be intimidating.

    thumb Tom Roznowski

    positive review  I am a technophobe.David set up a beautiful, functional website for me. I think he is brilliant. He made it a pleasant experience and he explained what I was able to understand with kindness and respect. My website is gorgeous! I am so happy. I highly recommend David’s skill and service.

    thumb Veda Stanfield

    positive review  David did my restaurant's web design and it was fantastic! He made a such a positive impact on our business. He is the only guy that I would recommend using. He always went above and beyond!

    thumb Troy Donovan

    positive review  6 years ago, after trying 2 designers, we drove from Columbus, IN to meet with David to design our website. He met our expectations with his design and also provided much information how to keep the blog site of recipes and products going. We are appreciative of his knowledge and experience on design and computers. Recently thankful to David for getting "gremlins" out of our computers. He has been our "go-to-guy."

    thumb Julia Ann

    positive review  David is a fine web guy!!

    thumb Joe Grant

    5 star review  David's has shown great skill in usage of color and font to bring attention to my site. Communicates very well to keep up to date per the changing seasons and has been able to accommodate every request I've made. I'm really proud of our webpage!

    thumb Michael Sullivan
    2/07/2017 Reviews

LinkedIn Recommendations

James Tanford
Writer, Social Media Manager, Program Coordinator

I worked with Dave to produce some of the content for his websites, and I was stunned by how good the final project turned out. He would meet with his clients and tailor his websites to fit their needs, and he turned out beautiful, fast-loading, effective websites. If you’re looking for website design, I would highly recommend him. 

Mitchell TeplitskyMitchell Teplitsky
Documentary Filmmaker and PR/Communications expert

I first met Dave and worked with him for several months at a cultural non-profit – he was the all-around web/tech guru, I was marketing director. He was fantastic to work with. First of all, Dave really knows his stuff. Not just the technical nuts and bolts, but how to use it in the context of marketing, development and sales. What really set Dave apart however was his ability and patience to communicate, collaborate and teach myself and other members of the team. He helped me overcome fears and resistance around tech-related matters, and made it interesting and fun. Highly recommend.

Software Engineer

David has been very supportive and helpful while working with him. He is a person who is very particular about details.It is fun to work with him.

Richard AyreaRichard Ayrea
Network Infrastructure Engineer

I was having problems with my web site and the associated email system that went with it. David made all of the repairs and corrections in a timely manner and for a very reasonable price. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !!! Richard Ayrea

Adam NahasAdam Nahas
Executive Director @ Artisan Alley – Helping artists and our local community in support of the arts.

I had paid and hired 2 amateur web designers to do work for my 3 websites. One of them wrecked my established websites with his so called “improvements” and I was very unimpressed. After asking him to change things back, he refused and took my site down completely since I refused to pay for the damage. I then hired another designer, paid him upfront to get the site up and running but although 2 sets of payments were taken, barely any services were ever rendered as he kept me waiting, telling me he didn’t have time for it and had other priorities. Maybe it is just me but if someone pays you for a job, you do it and don’t keep them dangling for almost a year.

So I ended up telling my friend David about the whole thing and he offered to do the sites for me at a reasonable cost. Im very happy with the work I have seen thus far. David is a personable web designer with years of experience. His interest in his work keeps his craft sharp and up to date. He is an expert on the software needed for the job and creative with his tools to make a website produce great results. Not only do I consider him an expert at his craft but he is also a very good friend and that is the best value any one can get. Thanks David! I look forward to continually work with you.

Edward BurnsEdward Burns
Owner, Nature’s Way

David has done a great job for us. He came recommended by other customers and he did not disappoint.

Aaron PrangeAaron Prange
Owner at Built by YOU Remodeling

David was referred to me by a friend as someone who could help me rebuild and update a website. He met me at my house and brought his computer. Shortly after showing up with looking over his shoulder he created a whole website and had the shell up and running all along listening to my concerns and needs. While he was in my office we talking about ways to market the website and he went on to setup that as well. We had a meeting the next week for more content and changes. The website was up and Looking very professional. I would highly recommend David and look forward to working with him in the future!

Christine AlexanderChristine Alexander
Branding & Print Design Consultant

One of our first Twitter followers to take advantage of our Free Business Cards with a Tour promo – David was a delight to work with from day one. He was prompt in his communications and incredibly easy to work with.

Kathy MorrisseyKathy Morrissey
Product Development Expert | Co-Founder at Product Risk Framework and Strategy 2 Market

David was great to work with at the Lean Startup Machine Workshop in Chicago – an excellent team player, generous with his knowledge, eager to learn and sincere in his conversations. He is a whiz with social media and introduced me to a lot of new tools over the course of the workshop. He also offered excellent, practical advice on web design. A good guy to know and work with. Thanks David!

Mark Lewellen-BiddleMark Lewellen-Biddle
Owner at Art By Eli LLC

David does exquisite work and is incredibly easy to work with. He was able to translate my ideas into a beautiful website. I highly recommend him as a website developer.

Ryan StrauserRyan Strauser
Construction & Design/Build Operations at Strauser Construction Co., Inc.

To Whom It May Concern:
I am writing in reference to David Martin Design in Bloomington, Indiana. David Martin Design recently worked with our team at Strauser Construction Co., Inc. on the redesign of the company website. I am happy to recommend David based upon the professional level of service and overall work he produced for us during this process. His commitment to customer satisfaction and providing a high quality product fell right in line with the standards to which we hold our own work and was greatly appreciated.

Ryan M. Strauser
Strauser Construction Co., Inc.

Joe GrantJoe Grant
Owner, Academic Scholarly Books

David Martin is very professional, and offers great customer support!!

Rod ArmesRod Armes

David is extremely knowledgable and talented in his field. He has been easy and flexible to work with and has provided a very good product at a reasonable price. I would highly recommend him.

Harry HopkinsHarry Hopkins
Owner, Brockwood Farm

I contacted David to help me bring my websit up to 2010 standards for maximum website visability. I’ve been in computers since 1966 and had always done my own work but I wanted someone with a fresh approach to help me. After speaking with him on the phone I decided he knew what he was talking about and we scheduled an appointment to get started. His service was excellent and we consulted with each other to re-design my website. The whole process took three meetings in three weeks. I am now enjoy top 3 rankings number 1 in my catagory on Google, Bing and Yahoo for my keywords.

I will use Dave again. 

Erin Leake
Teacher at St. Charles Borromeo

David was generous with his time and expertise. He is knowledgeable and easy to work with.

Stephanie SheltonStephanie Shelton
Development and Marketing Professional

David is an innovator. He is intelligent and at the forefront of Social Media Strategy for businesses. He is fair and honest and does great work. I’ve enjoyed working with him and sharing our intellectual discussions. Thank you David for being such a good friend.

Patrick SineyPatrick Siney
Independent Design Professional

David Martin is a true professional. Its not often you can find one person who can almost do it all. Design, web management, IT, print. He is confident, only by his success. If there ever was a “triple threat….. David is it.

Don PittmanDon Pittman
Finance Advisor serving investors | Focusing on Solutions for business owners, executives, and retirees.

David Martin is one of Smithville’s brightest stars. He works with a passion and professionalism as required. He utilizes technology to his advantage for performance of his tasks. Great team player.

Laura MillerLaura Miller
ERP Analyst at Infrastructure and Energy Alternatives, Inc. (IEA)

David is always very willing to help. Any customer service related questions that I’ve asked him he has been able to help me. He was helpful at getting an intra-office messaging service set up for testing.

Janie WilcoxJanie Wilcox
President/Owner at JB Screening Partners, Inc.

David is a superior Customer Service Representative. His excellent work has earned him advancement and much acclaim. I would expect David to continue to advance either in his current position or a position of his choice.

William Rhodehamel, CFREWilliam Rhodehamel, CFRE
Organizational Leader & Entrepreneur

David has worked on web projects for me and I’ve always found him to be willing to go above and beyond. He’s punctual, creative and dedicated to making it right the first time.

Bill WordenBill Worden
Assoc. Prof., Asst. Dept. Chair, and Statewide Lead Chair for Server Administration program – Ivy Tech Community College

David is a taciturn and deliberate person with an eye towards detail. His wry sense of humor allowed him to approach challenging situations in a productive way. I am pleased with his current progress in an occupation directly related to his education and how he has applied that experience to his employment.

Burden, RichardBurden, Richard
Independent Consultant, Musician, Experienced Event Planner, Research, and Administraive Assistant

David gets the job done. Works with you. Creates quality work.

Cassie AxsomCassie Axsom
Administrative Assistant

David has great work ethic’s, he’s punctual and very dependable. He also works very hard to learn all that he can. His enthusiasm and drive for knowledge and to share what he learns is very refreshing. David has brought a lot of good customer service experience as well as technical knowledge to our department. He is an asset to our department and the company.

Erica VerbeckErica Verbeck
Creative & Operational Support

David was responsible for designing and running client websites for our company. He was very professional in all his research and never showed up unprepared. His websites were interactive and extremely appealing to the “new” and “old-school” crowd. His extensive analysis of clients’ current websites also aided in improving site quality. David provides the professionalism of a large corporation with the personal touch of a small business – always an asset to every project.

Joe GrantJoe Grant
Owner, Academic Scholarly Books

David is a very dependable web designer always willing to do extra work. He’s professional, knowledgeable, and has a very good grasp for web design.

Shauna WilliamsShauna Williams
Realtor/Sales Associate at Century 21 Realty Group

I contracted David while working at a local law firm to build our web page. He did a wonderful job. The site was done well and on the time frame we agreed. His ideas were great and he was very easy to work with. I would hire him again for sure!

Burden, RichardBurden, Richard
Independent Consultant, Musician, Experienced Event Planner, Research, and Administraive Assistant

David gets the job done. He is flexible and talented. I recommend him to anyone and will use him again for future projects.

Susan WelsandSusan Welsand
Owner, The Chile Woman

I have been flooded with compliments on the web site since David redesigned it.

David EastmanDavid Eastman
Happiness Coach at The How of Happy

David Martin is a top flight website developer and consultant. He is very easy to work with and brings alot of creativity and flexibility to his work. On top of that, he’s a really nice guy who always keeps the client’s specific needs in mind first and foremost. Highly recommended!