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Jarod & David's First Contact

Team Spotlight: Jarod Maxwell’s Journey at David Martin Design

Team Spotlight: Jarod Maxwell’s Journey at David Martin Design

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This month, David Martin Design, under the dedicated stewardship of founder David Martin, is excited to announce the integration of team member, IU Luddy School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering alumni, Jarod Maxwell. An expert in Web Design, Graphic Design, and Digital Marketing Strategy, Jarod has a proven track record in achieving measurable results for clients in a diverse range of industries.

Jarod started his journey at David Martin Design in May 2022. Unable to locate an internship that aligned with his ambitions, he proactively reached out to the local Web Design and Digital Marketing firm, David Martin Design. This initiative transformed into a valuable opportunity for all parties. Jarod gained hands-on experience and knowledge, taking the skills he learned from the classroom and applying them to real-life clients, thus significantly enhancing his professional portfolio. David Martin Design, in return, benefited from Jarod’s innovative ideas, technical proficiency, and ability to understand and address customer needs effectively.

Recognizing the transformative impact of his work, David Martin Design found it pivotal to secure Jarod’s exceptional services permanently. Jarod stood out not only for his consistent success in project execution, but also for his strategic thinking, remarkable ability to breathe life into creative concepts, and his relentless pursuit of continual improvement and innovation.

Jarod’s progression from an intern to a permanent team member tells a story of passion and persistence. His ability to identify opportunities, adapt to challenges, and exceed expectations has not only afforded him a permanent position but also a pivotal role in shaping and steering the future direction of David Martin Design.

“In May of 2022, my heart pounded with uncertainty and modest expectations as I mustered the courage to send my first cold contact to David. Little did I know, this simple act would spark a transformative journey. I was greeted with trust and encouragement, which became the fundamental pillars of my growth. This growth is not static, but rather dynamic and continuous. Each day, I am presented with opportunities to learn something new, to think innovatively, and to explore better ways of accomplishing tasks. This openness to fresh perspectives and novel methodologies is not just tolerated at David Martin Design, it is actively encouraged. In this continually evolving journey, I am reminded daily that the courage to make the first move can open doors to unimaginable growth and learning experiences.”

– Jarod Maxwell