About David Martin Design

Since 2004, David has worked with Bloomington business professionals, entrepreneurs, & individuals to help them use technology, websites, and digital marketing tools to make their lives better.

Growing up in the ’80s, David got very involved with video games, personal computers, and spent time using online services like CompuServe, America Online, & bulletin board systems. In one of his earliest structured programming feats, David taught himself how to program the theme song to “The Flintstones” using the programming language QBasic.

David, age 7, pecking away at the Apple III computer

David designed his first website in 1998 as part of a class project while attending Bloomington High School North (Go Cougars!). It was this project that inspired David to create websites and experiment with creating new ideas on the web.

David believes in providing personal, outstanding customer service, and that’s exactly what he tries to do. If you are interested in learning more about David Martin, please read the reviews, & contact him today!