About David Martin Design

David Martin - Working in front of computer

Since 2004, David has worked with Bloomington business professionals, entrepreneurs, & individuals to help them use technology, websites, and internet marketing tools to make their lives better.

David designed his first website in 1998 as part of a class project while attending Bloomington High School North (Go Cougars!). It was this project that inspired David to create websites and experiment with creating new ideas on the web.

In addition to his passion for computers, David began playing video games with an Atari gaming system. Growing up in the 80’s, David got very involved with video games, personal computers, and spent time using online services like CompuServe, America Online, & bulletin board systems.

In one of his earliest structured programming feats, David taught himself how to program the theme song to “The Flintstones” using the programming language QBasic.

He learned by watching his stepfather, Bob, as he would put in various commands into the computer. David made sure to pay attention and as soon as it was his turn, he tried to emulate what he saw. Bob was a very successful salesman & his company pivoted from selling cash register systems to computers, printers, & high-end business technology systems.

Bob understood the ins and outs of all of these machines & his knowledge & customer service focus helped create sales and long-term cash flow for the company he worked for. It became clear to Bob that in addition to businesses demanding computers, consumers would soon demand these systems. Bob brought home an Apple III computer and began learning how to run basic programs & how to operate it. Fascinated, David watched and learned quickly how to use the computer and he began using it every day!

David, age 7, pecking away at the Apple III computer

David learned how to work in command line with DOS, and has followed the evolution of operating systems very closely. He has loved learning & watching the world evolve as microprocessors become smaller, video cards become more powerful, screens improve, & the world continues to adopt more technology every day.

After high school, David continued to build websites for personal projects, friends & family. In 2002, he was hired by a fellow Bloomington North graduate, Derek C & Aurora, to build an e-commerce store for their urban hip hop clothing store.

David built an online store using free open source software (osCommerce) and consulted with his clients along the way. The new website helped promote their store and David gave his clients an insight into what was needed to sell online.

This first paid web project & the skills he learned along the way helped David build the skills & confidence he would need to venture out as an entrepreneur and build his website design & marketing agency into the business it is today.

A quick thank you to Richard Burden for the referral. Without Richard’s help in convincing David that he was actually a “web designer” and giving him the confidence to do client work, we’re not sure you’d be reading this right now!

David’s personal interests include BBQ & Grilling, eBiking, Books, Bowling, Camping, Cards & Board Games, Cooking, Cryptocurrency, Dogs, Gardening & Landscape, Hiking & Trails, Home Improvement & DIY, Local History, Making & Playing Music, Painting, Parenting School-Age Kids, Parenting Teens, Performing Arts, Photography, Pickleball, Basketball, Live Music, Sustainability & Environment, Swimming, Travel, Walking, Wildlife, & Wine Tasting.