A Nice Visit With EZ E-Bike Rentals

Jim Yanan - Owner of EZ E-Bike Rentals

In March 2019, Jim and a small team got to work starting an e-bike rental business. We came up with the name, registered his website, set up web hosting, built a website outline, worked with some great folks on the logo (Allison Horner) & the copywriting, & developed a plan for letting others know that he was the premier place to come for trying out e-bikes in Indianapolis. It’s been a great journey so far & he’s had a lot of happy folks.

EZ E-Bike Rentals in Indianapolis, Indiana

Yesterday, I stopped by to say hello to Jim and it was a fantastic day for an e-bike ride. We caught up and I shot some photos of his warehouse & the e-bikes. I snook up on him and got this photo. 🙂

Jim Yanan, owner of EZ E-Bike Rentals in Indianapolis, Indiana

If you are looking for that thrill of riding your bike again, please consider visiting him up in Cumberland, Indiana. I was able to try out the Rad Power Bikes including the 2020 RadRover & the Rad City. I also tried the Vtuvia SF-20, the Bintelli, & the Juiced e-bike.

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