Web Design and Marketing Services

David Martin designs hand-coded custom websites, WordPress websites and develops sustainable solutions for long-term search engine and marketing success.

There are many different aspects of designing a website that you will need to take into consideration. David Martin Design will work with you to develop a web presence that ranks high in search engines, is very easy to navigate, and generates highly qualified leads.

David Martin Design Builds Custom Websites From Scratch

David's experience building websites began as a school project in 1998 and developed into a long-term passion / hobby. David taught himself how to write custom HTML code and how to optimize websites to load fast in the web's infancy where everyone had dial-up modems.

By writing custom and well-structured HTML code, David is able to create a custom tailored website that loads fast on every device and connection speed. Search engines will thank you for making a custom website! It's much easier for them to crawl your website and they will reward you with a higher ranking. Anytime you can customize your website to fit your business exactly, it will be much better than an off-the-shelf template based designs that a lot of small businesses use. That being said, one of the most important things about building a website isn't necessarily whether it's a custom website or whether it's built on a content management system, it's whether or not it contains the information that your prospective customer is searching for.

Content Development is Vital to Your Website's Success

One of the most important parts of developing your web presence is to have well organized, structured, and well written content. Make sure that all of your content (images, videos, music) is appropriately named with keywords that people may search for and that give an accurate description of what is in the image. Once all of your content has been optimized, then it can be easily added to the different local profiles that should be setup for the business. David will work directly with you to develop content that is highly optimized, easy to read, and is well described with metadata that search engines understand.

Contact David to Learn More About Website Design

With many years of success (officially since 2004) David Martin Design has worked with hundreds of businesses to help them build a long term, sustainable website design. Contact David today to learn more about website design.