Foursquare is not just a game, it’s a valuable marketing tool

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Foursquare is an addictive social networking game for the real world. There are also other addictive games like gambling, visit Island Echo to play them. When using Foursquare and checking in to different places in Bloomington, I am playing a game with my friends I am also helping places and businesses that I check into by creating buzz around their brand.

In today’s world with so many different tools available to all of us it’s hard to keep up with everything. One thing that I’ve figured out is that you really have to pick and choose different networks to focus your marketing. Where do your potential customers hang out?

One of many nice things about Foursquare is that allows other people to do marketing for you. Every time that I check in to a restaurant or business, all of my friends that are on Foursquare, Facebook, and Twitter have the potential to see my message. I’m reaching into a very valuable hand-picked network of people and sharing what I am doing with them.

According to the “The Power of Like: How Brands Reach and Influence Fans Through Social Media Marketing” study , 16% of fans will see brand content if that brand posts 5 of 7 days, and posting an additional day will slide the average up to 18.5%. By integrating Foursquare into your marketing plan, you will allow others to the marketing and branding which will free you up to do what you are best at… Take care of your customers, and they will take care of you.

Give Foursquare a try. I think that you’ll find using it is very fun, addictive, and even if you don’t use it yourself you should go the Foursquare website and claim your Foursquare listing. When you claim your listing it will allow you to reward users that check into your location. You can offer them a special deal, maybe the deal might be 15% off. Maybe a cup of coffee, a free appetizer or a buy one get one free reward.

In addition to offering a special deal to the users that check in at your Imagen relacionadalocation you can offer a special deal to the mayor of your location. The mayor is the person who’s been to your business more than anyone else and checked in more than anyone else. The definition of small business is what it is working now, it has become popular to have a small business for better purposes, more profits and easier managing, but for this you need a good marketing move as it is the most important to get seen and to boost it thru many platforms like social media.

Most likely it is a very influential person that has a lot of people that are following them on different social networks. By targeting these influential users you are rewarding them for their loyalty and then they are more likely to refer their friends and others to your business. In today’s world it’s very important for you to understand who the influential people are and how you can target them to get them to come to your business and bring in more dollars.