Onward To Twenty Twenty One

2020 was a tough year for many however I’m optimistic about what is to come in the near future.

I’d like to just write a quick post and say thank you to so many of you for your support this year and for keeping me busy with helping you run your online presence.

A few quick shout outs:

Ava’s Waste Removal – Congratulations on winning the Herald Time’s Best of Btown 2020 awards! It’s truly a pleasure to work with Steve & Mary, the owners of Ava’s Waste Removal. They are the nicest folks and really do a great job of working with their customers.

Bounds Flooring – Also known for their outstanding customer service, Thorn D, Stephanie & Brad Bounds & the staff over @ Bounds Flooring won the Best of Btown 2020 for the best flooring store in Bloomington. Way to go everyone & thank you for working with me on your website.

EZ E-Bike Rentals – Jim, you definitely deserve recognition for being an outstanding electric bike rental company owner. I’ve been working with Jim on his website, Facebook, and various marketing efforts and he’s really been running a great business. His customers leave RAVE reviews and absolutely love riding their new e-bikes. Looking forward to getting a new ride in 2021!

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Artisan Alley – Outstanding work in our community promoting the arts, artists, and education. Adam & the outstanding staff, members, & volunteers have been working very hard this year at growing our arts community in Bloomington. Working with AA grow their nonprofit business & helping guide their WordPress website strategy & online presence has been an enriching experience.

And for all of you that I didn’t mention here, please know that you are all appreciated and I enjoy working with all of you.

That’s all folks, looking forward to Twenty Twenty One!

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