A Mean, Clean, Well-Oiled Machine in 2018

A Mean, Clean, Well-Oiled Machine in 2018

It’s that time of year where everyone reflects on the last 365 days and sets forth a new slate for the coming year. Perhaps you are picking up some new habits, looking to shed some old, or you are committed to live your life how you want and are pretty happy with how things are. In 2018, I’m committing to keeping better track of what’s going into my body in an effort to transform it into a mean, clean, well oiled machine. 🙂

This year, I have decided to make a few changes, specially since my last injury, I had to wear an ankle brace for several weeks. One of them, is to try and get back into shape. I miss playing racquetball, playing softball, volleyball, pickleball, and it’s easy to sit around during the winter. Now that I work from home 24/7 it’s easy to get cabin fever and not get out to the gym or be as active as I used to be.

It’s not just about exercise but keeping track of what I eat. That’s where I am going to use MyFitnessPal, a website that my parents recommended to me 5 years and 5 days ago (looked back in my gmail account) when we were trying to get back in shape. I’m happy to say that when I relogged in today I saw that I had lost 10lbs since last logging in. How about that for a positive start! Haha.

MyFitnessPal is an amazing tool where you can keep track of your food, log your exercise, and connect to other sources to get a clear picture of your health over a long period of time and remember to keep your skin healthy as well with the best vitamin c serum. You set goals and they help you attain them. It’s also a fun social network where you can challenge and encourage your friends. Go check it out today if you wanna get in shape or keep better track of your calories and food intake! Good luck to everyone in 2018 and moving towards a healthier and happier existence!

MyFitnessPal Food Diary