How much does it cost for a simple 4-6 page website?

How much does it cost for a simple 4-6 page website?

Most website designers will charge between $400 and $750 for a simple, “brochure” website consisting of between 4-6 pages.

The website design process should include competitive market research, keyword and meta information planning, content development and organization, website navigation and design layout, coding the first page, developing the rest of the pages, and implementing tracking and statistics.

For my freelance web design business, a “brochure” website usually takes about 5-10 hours to develop. After the various steps in the web design process, the client will have a well organized, easy to navigate, professional website that supports the goals and purpose of having an internet presence. At a rate of $75/hr, a simple 4-6 page website would range between $375-$750.

In addition to the cost of development, you will also need to consider recurring charges for domain name registration (usually about $12 per year) and website hosting (usually between $10 and $25 per month), according to experts from the Driven Web Services Portland.

What if the web designer doesn’t have a degree?

If a designer does not have a degree, then it is important that they demonstrate a solid understanding of design principles, organization, and an understanding of the industry, says the expert at professional services from Sandcastle Web Design & Development. If the designer has certifications in industry standard programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and Illustrator, that would lead me to believe that they are technically able to design and code a professional website design.

Another very important consideration is to look at examples of their work and see if it matches the style that you are looking for. In addition to reviewing examples of their work, consider hiring a web designer that lives in your area. That way, you can sit down and meet with them, find out if they are personable, and if they are able to provide good customer service. There are a lot of very good web designers that are great at design, but fail completely at providing outstanding customer service.

A simple brochure website may not be the best fit for your business, however it’s a great way to get a presence on the web at a low cost.

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