Create Interesting Content & Optimize it for SEO

Create Interesting Content & Optimize it for SEO

Do you have an iPhone or an Android? Mac or PC? Does it really matter? No, but it’s fun to talk about!

I have found that it doesn’t really matter what kind of device you have but what matters most is creating interesting content that your customers, friends, or family will want to read.

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I should have spent a little more time on this pic, but I still think it’s interesting.

You can take great photos from your smartphone (my Google Nexus 6p phone took the above image this morning), optimize them using Google Photos (one of the fastest growing consumer services ever!), reduce their size with JPEGMini (free for up to 20 images per day), write keywords in the title of the JPG (david-martin-design-social-media-optimized.jpg), and then upload them to your website. That’s just one of the processes involved in good SEO.

Take your time to think of a good idea that you are passionate about, take a nice photo that represents what you are writing about, and then optimize and structure your information to make it load fast, therefore making it as easy as possible for interested parties to learn from you.