A Wonderful Visit to Amazon’s Headquarters in Seattle and Bothell, Washington

A Wonderful Visit to Amazon’s Headquarters in Seattle and Bothell, Washington

Thanks to David McLeanKathy Welch-McLean, and Agen Schmitz for welcoming me to the Lean Channel Management team in style. It was such a pleasure flying out (despite the cold snowy Indiana weather) to meet all of you in the great state of Washington. It was my first trip to Washington and it was way above and beyond what I had expected!

David met me at SeaTac airport on our way to the downtown Seattle Aquarium.

David has been teaching over the last 9 years as a volunteer diver and natural history interpreter at the Seattle aquarium. I got a special VIP tour and it was awesome to meet the friendly staff and see all of the different Pacific specifies of water life. David’s passion is definitely being in the water and his face just lit up the whole time we were in the aquarium. 

After the aquarium, we went over to The Athenian Restaurant (featured in Sleepless in Seattle) and had a great lunch overlooking the water.

Talk about some amazing seafood! 
The Space Needle from the passenger seat through the car’s sun roof.

After having a great lunch, we drove around Seattle a little bit and David showed me the various Amazon buildings, the Space Needle, and taught me about some of the history behind the Boeing airfields, and the deep history in the region. After getting to meet David’s wonderful wife Kathy at their Bothell, Washington home, we headed back to where I would rest my feet for the next few days.

I really appreciated being introduced to McMenamins Pubs & Breweries while staying at McMenamin’s Anderson School. This hotel stay was like no other place I have stayed before and it was really great to read stories about all of the local Bothell, Washington residents and learn the history of the Seattle region. The food was outstanding, the room was super clean and comfortable. It would have been easy to spend a few days just wandering around the property to see all the unique paintings, framed stories of local residents, and all of the “Grateful” character just busting out everywhere. Super cool place.

While it was AWESOME learning so much and seeing the sights, smells, and sounds of Washington, it was time to get down to business. David and I reviewed how we would be working together in 2019 to grow the Lean Channel Management business and how we would be testing out advertising strategies, launching a new CRM platform, learning a new advertising platform, and understanding together how to help our clients grow their Amazon Vendor Central business.

Amazon is growing at a rapid pace and it’s exciting to be at the forefront of retail advertising and growing multi-million dollar businesses together with a group of really smart people. I’m very thankful for all of the people that have helped support this learning journey. Once again, thank you to David, Kathy, and Agen for a great trip out to Seattle and I look forward to the partnership and the good things to come.