Buying from Google & Purchasing Extended Warranty Pays Off

Buying from Google & Purchasing Extended Warranty Pays Off

Google Pixel XLI just want to say, it doesn’t hurt to ask. I have had battery issues with my Nexus 6p for the last year or so. My phone would say that it was at 25% battery but then it would just shut down. Talk about frustrating! Today, I was reading an article about replacing a phone battery and how Apple purposely slows down and downgrades your phone (albeit for a better experience) and that got me curious about replacing my Nexus battery. I saw Ryan Whitham’s article on Android Police which referenced this Reddit thread.

I started a chat with Google and they explained that my extended warranty was up by 10 days but they gave me the customer service # for Assurant, extended warranty case ID, and helped me to confirm my device ID. I’m glad that I purchased the Assurant extended warranty and the phone from Google Store! Then, after authorizing a $79 charge for device replacement, I was told that instead of a Nexus 6p w/ 64GB, they would be sending me the HTC Pixel XL 128GB and it would be on my doorstep tomorrow! This is despite my original purchase was over two years ago, on 12/10/2015 and my extended warranty was up on 12/16/17. Today is 12/26/17 and they still authorized my request!

I have loved the Nexus 6p after 2 years but definitely had considered upgrades. Now, I can wait a little longer and play with my new Google Pixel XL!

Thank you Google and thank you Assurant for making it easier for customers to do business with you and for providing outstanding customer service!

David Martin
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