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About David Martin Design

David Martin Design is a freelance web design company in Bloomington, Indiana that specializes in designing custom website designs, social network marketing, and search engine optimization.

David Martin is a professional web designer in Bloomington, Indiana. David has been tethered to a computer since he was 7 years old and he began designing web pages in 1998 as a class project while enrolled at Bloomington High School North (Go Cougars!). It was this project that allowed David to discover one of his true passions in life, web design.

David Martin focuses on providing his web design clients OUTSTANDING CUSTOMER SERVICE and strives to always stay up to date on the latest technologies. David has worked hard to build a local client base by developing lasting relationships that have lead to a lot of happy customers.

Consulting with every client, David works to discover what will add the most value to each person or organization and designs an online presence that results in highly qualified leads and stronger brand presence. With advanced knowledge and expertise in social media networkingsearch engine optimization,website statistics/analytics, and much more David Martin Design provides many outstanding services at a very affordable price.

Please contact David Martin Design today or connect with him on one of the social networks below to find out more!. Thank you for your business!

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